General FAQs

Do I have to purchase a ticket if I am a non-rider?

Yes, all persons entering the park must be included on the booking regardless of whether they plan to use the rides or not.

Does the Pleasure Beach have somewhere I can store my valuables?

Lockers are available inside Gate A, next to the Yo-Yo ride. You’ll need a £1.00 coin to use the lockers and store your valuables whilst you enjoy a great day at the park.

Are there any cash machines at the Pleasure Beach?

There are two ATM machines on site. Please follow the social distancing guidelines as displayed.

What about car parking?

The Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach car park is located at the South End of the Pleasure Beach. The following tariffs apply from 1st March until 31st October: £2.00 for 0-2 hours, £5.20 for 2-5 hours and £8.00 for all day parking. The car park is maintained by Green Parking and more information can be found here.

Are the gates wheelchair accessible?

Gates B and C are accessible, Gate A has two steps near to the scanning area. If you need accessible gates, please go to Gate B or C with your email confirmation and all of your booking group.

Ticket FAQs

Will my entry ticket be sent to me through the post?

No, we do not post your entry ticket to you. We will send you an email confirmation with a QR code. You will need this to gain entry to the park.

I do not have a working printer – how do I bring my order confirmation?

You do not need the QR code printed. The code can be scanned direct from your phone. This is our preferred method.

To help with the scanning process, please ensure the brightness setting on your smartphone is as high as possible.

Can I buy an entry ticket today?

You can purchase an Entry ticket up to and into the sessions you require, subject to capacity availability.

Please allow time for your visit if you purchase once the session has started. The price will remain the same whenever the Entry ticket is purchased.

Can I book an entry ticket using my credit / debit card over the phone?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept payments over the phone. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I buy tickets when I arrive at the park?

Yes, we do have a sales and information kiosk located in front of the Log Flume ride.

If a session is not sold out, you will be able to purchase tickets from one of our employees here. They accept both cash and card.