General Park Info

General Park Information

Please read this page, the FAQs page and the Terms and Conditions pages before purchasing your tickets.

To be able to continue offering value for money, we will continue to limit the number of customers on-site at any one time. Once all the tickets for a specific session have been sold, we will not sell any more tickets and you will have to choose another session of your choice.


  • On entrance to the park, you will have unlimited access to the rides during the time slot you have chosen.
  • Normal ride safety rules apply.
  • Entrance tickets can be pre-purchased online for selected date and time sessions.
  • Availability will be subject to capacity.
    (Under 3 years are free to enter but MUST be included on the booking alongside a standard ticket purchase).
  • In the interest of safety, guests are asked to ensure that all children under 12 years of age are accompanied by a responsible adult during their visit.
  • Once purchased, we will send a confirmation email detailing the reference, transaction amount and QR code for entry.
  • Your e-ticket will specify a designated entry gate (A,B, or C). You may arrive at this gate 10 minutes prior to your chosen session start time. All members on the booking must be present at time of entry. Once the QR code is scanned, it will automatically become invalid for further use.
  • Please be respectful of customer space whilst queuing.
  • If you or someone in your group requires disabled access, please go to Gate B or C with your QR code and all members of the booking.
  • We ask you to follow all instruction given either from signage, staff members or public-address announcements. Specific training has been given to all operators and we would appreciate your co-operation to ensure a safe environment.

Closed Gate System

We now operate with a closed gate system. All standard ticket customers will enter via Gate A, B or C. Season ticket holders will enter via Gate D. Once customers are inside the park they’re encouraged to stay on-site until their session has finished.

Customers can leave the park and come back in case of an emergency. They must make a member of staff aware that they’re leaving at one of the entrance gates.

Entry Points

You will now access the park via either Gate A, B, C & D.
Gate A is located at the old Reception, and you can get there by walking behind the log flume and following the signs. Gate B is located next to the Bonanza ride which is close to the entrance for the Rollercoaster. Gate C is located down the south end of the park next to the Whirlwind ride. Lastly, Gate D which is our entrance point for staff and Season Pass holders is located at the south end and can be accessed opposite the Premier Inn Hotel.


We are advising customers to utilise our larger, more popular attractions early in their time slot. When we’re busy, the Rollercoaster and Log Flume queues have been closed off 10 – 15 minutes before the end of a session. This is done to ensure that the session finishes on time.

At the end of your time slot, a PA system will announce that the rides are now closing.

Specific gates will be open for you to exit. Our staff will give directions to avoid congregation. We kindly request that you exit the park safely and swiftly.

Any aggressive or abusive behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated and the person(s) involved shall be asked to leave immediately.


There is a 45-minute gap between session to facilitate cleaning of the park and staff breaks.

Ride Height Restrictions

Please note that many of our rides have minimum height restrictions that must be adhered to. Please view our rides and attractions section to find out more.

Credit / Debit Cards

We accept credit / debit cards for purchases made at our Sales and Information Kiosk, Gardens Kiosk, Leo’s Ice Cream Parlour, Pleasure Beach Inn and Pleasure Beach Photo Booths. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept American Express (AMEX) Cards as a form of payment. Contactless payments are preferred.


There are three ATMs located at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. One is located by the Dodgems ride; a further ATM can be found in the Carousel Arcade (next to the Reverse Time ride) and the third ATM can be found next to the kiosk at the Pleasure Beach Gardens.


Lockers are available to use during your visit. The lockers are located inside the building at Gate A and cost £1.00 to use.

Lost Property / Lost Children

For lost property or lost children please report to any of the gate attendants who will be able to assist.

Toilets, Disabled Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities

There are four sets of toilets at the Pleasure Beach. They are located next to the Pleasure Beach Inn, behind the Haunted Hotel, next to the Bonanza ride and at the main gate next to the Log Flume ride. These are not public toilets and to access them you will need to purchase a valid entry ticket.

Accessible Toilets

There are accessible toilets located next to the Pleasure Beach Inn, behind the Haunted Hotel and next to the Log Flume. A radar key is needed for entry and can be borrowed with a £5 deposit from the Food Court (for the Haunted Hotel), from the Pleasure Beach Inn (for the Pleasure Beach Inn toilets) or from the Log Flume photo booth (for the Log Flume toilets). Additionally, a radar key can be borrowed with a £5 deposit from Gate A for the Pleasure Beach Inn toilets and for the Log Flume toilets.

Baby Changing Facilities

Baby changing facilities are available at the Pleasure Beach Inn toilets (female toilets only), the Bonanza toilets (both male and female toilets), and at the main entrance toilets next to the Log Flume (both male and female). Please note that there are no baby changing facilities available at the Haunted Hotel toilets.

Guests with Special Needs

Less able guests are given every possible assistance by our staff. There is ample room for wheelchairs and easy access to eating facilities. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to hire out wheelchairs or pushchairs. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. For general ride information for our disabled guests, please view our disability ride access document.

You can also view our disability policy for further information.


Dogs are allowed on site but must be kept under control and on a lead at all times.

First Aid

A fully qualified attendant is always on duty at the Pleasure Beach. The well-equipped First Aid room is located next to Gate A.

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